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 As more and more people add a device to their wrist to complement their phone for portability and convenience, Apple Watch has been gaining more momentum in the market.  Apple Watch is not only functional, but a hot trend in today’s fashion world.

A smart watch can be a true life-saver for the new tech savvy consumer if you know how to use it. The downside? It can be quite the headache if you have no idea what you´re working with. In this article we go over the vital components in owning a new Apple Watch.


1.Set Up Your Apple Watch

First things first: Get that Apple Watch working! It seems obvious but you wouldn’t believe how many people buy an Apple Watch and don´t know how to get it started. So, let´s begin.

  • Turn it on: Press and hold the side button until the screen turns on.
  • Pair it up: On your iPhone wait for the message, “Use Your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch” and click continue. Or you can open the Apple Watch app and click on “start pairing”.
  • Hold iPhone over image: This step is to pair your iPhone with your Apple Watch (remember that the watch only works with a paired iPhone). On your iPhone´s view finder, center it over the front of your watch until it confirms the pair.
  • Set up as new or restore: You will have to indicate if this is a new set up or a restoration, select the wrist you would like to wear it on, and then accept the Terms & Conditions Agreement.
  • Sign in with Apple ID: It may ask for your ID and password right away or you can do it manually later by going to General Settings -> Apple ID.
  • Choose Settings: From here you can choose to set up Siri, choose your location settings, as well as link your iPhone with your Apple Watch. This allows you to save the settings on both devices.
  • Choose Passcode: It´s not mandatory but it does help with certain features such as Apple Pay and keeps your device more secure from intruders. You can click “create a password” from your iPhone to set it up.
  • Install Apps: Apple will give an option of installing all your iPhone apps that have the Apple Watch variant.
  • Sync the devices: Make sure the devices are close together then sync them until the digital crown appears and click it.

Your watch is ready!

2.Download Your Apps

So now that you have your Apple Watch set up and ready to use, you can start downloading the apps you will need for everyday use. Apps save you the time and hassle of having to pull your phone from your pocket/bag for tasks that could be quickly accomplished through your Apple Watch. To decide which Watch apps to download, consider what you want to achieve through your new Apple Watch and how it can fit into your unique lifestyle. Whether you´re a business exec, a student, or a fitness junkie there are an array of apps to choose from. We´ve gathered up some of the best top-rated apps for the Apple Watch.  We suggest you check these out:

3.Turn On Notifications

Notifications let you know when something of importance needs your attention. These can be customized to your preferences.  You can also set it up to receive messages only from certain people. Either way, this smart tool is handy for keeping you organized. You can choose to have your notifications alert you on your iPhone or your Apple Watch and they will appear at the top of the screen. You can choose to modify which notifications you receive from the apps you want. You can also choose not to receive certain alerts by opening the Apple Watch app on your iPhone then clicking on “My Watch”, and then “Notifications”. Tap whatever app you want to customize or choose to mirror your iPhone settings.


Like most tech gadgets, there are accessories designed to facilitate easy usage of your Apple Watch and keep it performing at its maximum potential. Here’s a list of some of the convenient accessories to buy to go with your new Apple Watch.

  • Charger/dock: Ok, we´re in luck, because no longer do you have to carry around a docking base to charge your watch. Check out the new Pocket Sized Key chain Wireless Charger for easier traveling and less hassle. Or you can always opt for a variety of docking chargers available in various sizes and models. These include keychain magnetic chargers, lamp chargers, pods and many more. The Apple Watch has a wide assortment of charging choices.

  • Watch Band: Bands, like the ones we sell here on WatchBand.Co, make great fashionable accessories and give you the opportunity to express your unique style

Apple Watch bands

  • Headphones: Just like with your other Apple devices, you can still listen to your favorite music with some modish Airpods that use optical sensors that detect when they are placed in your ears. You can play/pause/skip/etc. right from your Apple Watch.
  • Travel Case: You can´t always have your watch on you so in the case you need to go without it for some time, make sure you have a case to keep it protected.

5.Take Care of It

Buying an Apple Watch is not enough. You do want it to last long (or at least until the next version comes out), don´t you? First off, we suggest you consider getting extended warranty / Apple Care for your Apple Watch, especially if you engage in sports.

Additionally, you want to know how to:

Clean It

Take care of your Apple Watch by keeping it clean and avoid irritating your skin by following effective instructions for cleaning and drying.

  • How to Clean Your Watch

    1. Turn off the watch and make sure it´s disconnected from the charger.
    2. Lightly dampen a lint-free, non-abrasive wash cloth with some water and wipe your watch.
    3. Use another lint-free, nonabrasive wash cloth to wipe it dry.
  • How to Clean the Digital Crown

    1. Turn off the watch and make sure it´s disconnected from the charger.
    2. Remove the band if it´s leather.
    3. Hold the crown under some water, continuously turning and pressing the dial Do not use soaps or other chemicals.
    4. Dry it with a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth.
  • How to Clean and Dry the Band

    1. Wipe it down with a damp non-abrasive and lint-free cloth.
    2. Let it air dry because bands should not be soaked in water (except the silicone Sport bands)
    3. Leather bands should not be left in direct sunlight, or areas with high humidity or high temperatures.

Protect It

The best way you can protect your new Apple Watch is by buying a screen protector and optionally, a protective case. A screen protector will keep the face free of scratches and scuffs. Additionally, we suggest you consider a clear case like this one or stylish thin protective case like this one which is available in multiple colors to suit your Apple Watch strap.


Now you´re ready to use your new Apple Watch and show it off to your friends and family!

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