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Let´s be honest, everyone loves secrets, right? I know I do. Whenever I walk into a tech store, I peruse the gadgets, check prices, and look for special features. After I purchase my desired item I rush home excitedly. It´s not until later that evening after playing around with it a little, that I start to get curious as to what this new gadget is actually capable of.

Apple is no stranger when it comes to hidden features, in fact, it almost seems like they purposely add things just to see if the customers will figure it out. Almost like a game. Whether you´re sporting the Apple Watch series 2 and tracking your friends with the GPS feature, or you´ve opted for the barometric altimeter feature in the series 3, you´re probably still wondering if there´s more. There is! Here we will go over some of the coolest, hidden features of your Apple Watch so you can take your tech skills to the next level.


 1.Create a Slideshow 

Instead of seeing the same photos over and over, you can now add some variety and create your own photo slideshow on your watch. To set up a slideshow:

  • Select multiple photos on your iPhone and click the “Send To” icon.
  • Scroll until you get to “Create Watch Face” and adjust the slide position like top & bottom.
  • Click “Add” and after some seconds you can raise your wrist as if to wake the watch. Each time you do this there will be a new photo from the ones you selected. Voila!

2. Add a Monogram to Your Watch Face

People like to personalize their gadgets with a personal signature, whether it be an image or a logo. It adds a personal touch, and lets others know who the device belongs to. You can now add a unique, personalized monogram to your color watch face:

  • Go to the “Watch App”
  • Click “My Watch” then “Clock” and scroll to “Monogram”
  • Type a 1-4 letter word. It´s set!
  • Activate your monogram when adding the face


3. Cover to Mute


Life gets busy! The next time you receive an incoming call while you´re in a meeting or classroom, just cover your watch with the palm of your hand and ta-da! Silence. This is a quick and easy way to silence your phone calls without hanging up on the caller. The watch will simply place the call in silent mode. It will also keep it from vibrating too.

4. Preview and Take Photos from Your iPhone

If you love taking photos then this feature is for you. Often times, I see people in some compromising positions when trying to take that perfect shot, almost like a professional contortionist. You can now view how the photos appear in your iPhone on your watch before snapping and even use the watch to take the photo. This awesome feature even lets you place your iPhone down from afar and control the photo viewing from the watch. To do this:

  • Open the “Camera” app from your iPhone
  • Open the “Camera Remote” app on your watch.

You can now use the watch as a viewing screen. Now you can choose to take an “Immediate Shutter” or set a “3-second timer”, which will give you a burst of photos.  You can also use the side button on the watch to take a photo. And that´s not all you can do with your iPhone camera! Which brings us to the next hack.


5. Use it as a Spy Camera

Gain some inside information with the spy feature. You can really feel on top of the game whilst talking into your watch and being mistaken for an FBI agent. This feature uses your “Remote Shutter” by setting up your camera covertly in a desired location and start your spying. Although you cannot listen in to conversations, you will have plenty of photos to show as unsuspecting proof. This feature enables 300 feet of clearance for spy use.


6. Text with Scribble

Hey scribblers! Did you know you can send longer messages now by using the scribble feature just by using your Digital Crown? You can now text with mastery by:

  • Open a conversation in your Apple Watch,
  • tap on “Scribble” and scribble a couple of a letters
  • Turn the digital crown to get predictive texts.
  • Let go on the word you want to use and the message will automatically insert a space. The Digital Crown will even provide some emojis too!


7. Check the Time Without Attracting Unwanted Attention

This is known as Theater Mode. If you´re ever in a place where you don´t want your watch lighting up with every action, then this will come in handy. You can find this feature by swiping up from the home screen and scrolling down until you see an image of two theater masks. Creative, right?


8. Use Watch to Find Your iPhone

I´m sure we´ve all lost our iPhone at some point. Now with the Apple Watch you can locate your missing iPhone by sliding up on your watch home screen and click on the vibrating iPhone icon. Now just listen for the ping. Bonus! By doing this, you can also program the iPhone to light up with a flash by holding the button down when pinging.  


9. Take a Screenshot

Screenshots have become quite the trend today, and it hasn´t stopped with the Apple Watch. Simply press down on both side buttons at the same time and there you go. You can find your watch´s screenshots in your iPhone photo album.


10. Discover Hidden Actions

When you receive a call on your watch you actually have some hidden options available. When receiving the incoming call just simply swipe up from the bottom and you can choose to “Send a Message” or “Answer on iPhone”.  You choose the message that is sent so that your caller knows you are busy and are not ignoring the call.

There are also hidden actions available for music. When you´re listening to music on your watch do a force touch on the screen and you´ll get the option to “Shuffle”, “Repeat”, “Source”, and “Airplay”.


11. Call Uber

Need a taxi? No need to worry as long as you´re wearing your Apple Watch. You can order a ride with Uber and even track the taxi´s location straight from your wrist. Apple Watch uses your phone´s internal GPS system to automatically alert the driver where you´re at, however it wont track you if you move to another place. You will simply have to send another destination request. Uber uses your last transaction for payments as well as car selection. It´s so easy too!

  • Open the “Uber” app in your Apple Watch
  • Wait for it to signal your location
  • Tap “Request”
  • Review the time of arrival


12. Navigate for Easy Travel

Arriving at your next destination now only requires a flick of the wrist. That´s right, you can use your watch to navigate the streets and trust that it will take you to where you need to be. To do this:

  • Tap a force touch on your map app on your screen
  • Do a quick search of where you want to go. (You can also utilize Siri for this by talking to the watch directly)
  • Choose your destination
  • Scroll until you get to “Directions”
  • Indicate if you are walking or driving

This is where it gets interesting. Apple will alert you of your stops and turns by a series of repetitive taps. For example, 12 steady taps mean to turn right at the next intersection, or 3 pairs of 2 taps means to go left. Finally, you will be alerted with a vibration when you have arrived at your destination.


13. Toggle Between Apps

We all tend to multi-task quite often and having a feature that allows us to toggle between one app and another is quite efficient. This feature, knows as the Dock, has been made available since watchOS3. You can access this dock by pressing down on the side button underneath the Digital Crown and scrolling down to all the previous apps you´ve used and tap the one you want.


14. Pause Your Runs Without Pressing a Button

Runners and swimmers enjoy using their tech devices to track their times and distances. However, it´s not always easy when you have to constantly remind yourself to stop the watch when you stop as well. There are times when we have to stop without meaning to which may lead to some inaccurate readings on the device. Now with Apple Watch, you can set up your watch to automaticaly stop when you stop. It will also resume when you resume as well. To do this:

  • Go to your “Apple Watch” app on your iPhone
  • Tap on “Workout”
  • On the workout screen, tap the “Running Auto Pause” to ON


Hope you enjoyed learning these hacks.  Stay tuned!


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